“At Logos we take project customisation to another level. We take care of the smallest detail.”

Miren Odriozola, head of design and innovation at Logos, invites us to visit the new showroom. Here you can find out about all the new products and discover the wide variety of materials and finishes available for each of the projects.

Haute couture made wardrobe

50mm door thickness / Pivots on floor and ceiling / Without any hinge / Full opening for both sides: A door fully integrated into the wall, almost invisible, that will allow you to move easily to other rooms in your home.
Opens 180º/
Slim-profile display door with pivoted hinges. Drawers with T027 handle lacquered in door colour.

‘Malman Wardrobe: because simplicity is not at odds with quality’

At Logos we are committed to order. This is why the Malman wardrove allows you to store all the accessories you wish to store inside it in a neat and tidy way. With the possibility of incorporating elements such as a shoe rack.

Exclusivity, also in the kitchen

/ Concealed kitchen with retractable doors that make it easy to open. A fully equipped, custom-made kitchen full of accessories - custom-made

/ The doors have a push-opening system. With lighting on each of the shelves of the wardrobe and with more drawers where you can store an infinite number of utensils.

A complete kitchen where no detail is missing

/ We know how important space is in a kitchen. The XP model is a unique Logos design that allows you to perform culinary tasks without taking up too much space.

/ The characteristic curved sides of this kitchen soften the room space. In addition, the illuminated drawers add a distinctive and elegant touch to the furniture.

The kitchen appears and disappears, providing order throughout the room.

/ The possibility of hiding the kitchen saves space and makes full use of it. In this way, the rooms gain in amplitude.

/ Logos is able to make any of the spaces useful. Proof of this is the possibility of personalising each of the rooms, adapting them to the characteristics of each home.

Durability and resistance guaranteed with an island with porcelain tiled drawers.

/ In this new showroom you can also get a first-hand look at a spacious dressing room. Which has new finishes availables.

/ All the accessories that form part of this dressing room have the same guarantee and quality as the rest of the furniture designed by Logos.

/ As we do with the wood, we also match the pattern of the entire porcelain board of the island. Providing continuity and elegance to the furniture.

Hidden corners of great use...

/ Logos takes the smallest detail into consideration. Proof of this is the production of accessories such as racks with baskets for the disposal of used clothes.

Hidden corners in plain sight

/ Shelf made of graphite oak with an enclosure to store or hide any item such as, for example, the television.

/ The shelves can be made in different thicknesses with the same wood. At Logos we personalise even the smallest detail.

/ An enclosure that allows access from one room to another easily and without taking up hardly any space. Adding a distinctive touch to your home.

/ The cabinet has large drawers with light underneath them. Their mechanism allows them to close smoothly and gently.

A “smart” kitchen with doors that practically close themselves

/ Makila kitchen is an exclusive Logos design. It features porcelain tiled wall units and latest generation accessories for shelves and worktops.