From New Caledonia to Zaldibia, united by a job well done

Laetitia Huck

When a client's requirements become an opportunity

Laetitia HUCK is an interior architecture and the founder of the company ESPRIT D’INTÉRIEUR in New Caledonia, 17,000 kilometres from Zaldibia (Gipuzkoa), where LOGOS is based. Laetitia works to create harmony in her clients' daily life.

An interior design project takes on its full meaning when it's inspired by the site's architecture. Success is based on the balance of shapes, the combination of materials and the consideration of each detail. It's also about writing a new chapter in your life. That's why it's essential to place them at the centre of this project. And because each person is unique, I aim to create a unique space, says Laetitia.

Laetitia HUCK, an interior architect in search of harmony

My knowhow and creativity are at their service to awaken emotions and make the difference. To meet this goal, I chose excellence with a prestigious partner, the brand LOGOS. One thing we share is a steadfast desire for perfection.

Laetitia moved to New Caledonia 10 years ago because she wanted to create a unique, different project, that would allow her to make constant progress.

I have very high standards of quality. Not just any manufacturer will do.
I only want to work with the best

I normally like to keep all the details of my projects under control and it's true that it's a risk to partner up with company that's so far away, noted the architect.

Just one minor error can have hefty consequences, and when I started with LOGOS I had my doubts. Once I started working with them and completed the first of my projects, all those doubts melted away. For that first project I created a space for my client and LOGOS really did bring it to life. Just the way I wanted it and had designed it, confirmed Laetitia with a smile.

I only have good things to say about them regarding the service

For this thoughtful creator it was very important to meet face to face with a manufacturer with which she wanted to build a long-term relationship.

You've far exceeded my expectations. You've gone much further than any other manufacturer would have done. LOGOS is about proximity, although that might sound strange 17,000 kilometres away. You're very human and very professional. And I love that about LOGOS, remarked Laetitia.

Getting to know LOGOS has been a real surprise